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iiii Magazine is an independent arts and culture publication, based in London and Manchester. Combining a self-aware sense of humour, with a love of expansive cultural ephemera - iiii sets no limit on subject, matter or form, publishing a range of content from incisive criticism, personal essays and memories, humour pieces and odes to oddities. All connected by a passion for language and bold singular voices.

Starting from a series of short texts we had requested from iiii, exploring the experience of navigating language on the web, the design interpreted a graphological approach described by iiii where 'tiny things can be portals, emotional resonance can be found in simple grammar'.

Responding to this question of, what would a 'graphological' website look and act like, the design & identity references the way in which we (as users) interact, engage and read content online. Examining the characteristics of type, code and interaction on the web - click, hover, meta-tags, transitioning, reading, scrolling, wireframes etc. the aesthetics and interaction of the site attempts to subvert, reveal and highlight these characteristics, in order to take on the witty intellectualism and self mockery of iiii.

iiii Magazine

Studio Hyte

Research Areas:
Language and the Human
Graphological Design
Process as Design

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