Language Game{s}

Exhibition & Conference

Language Game[s] was an exhibition, conference and series of performances which interrogated the association between language, human consciousness and the effects of emergent technology on this relationship. Doing so through the lens of philosophy, artificial intelligence, robotics, science, poetry, linguistics and the 'other'. The designs and materials for the event were created to act as provocations for further discourse and dialogue.

Continuing our research into the effects of technology on visual language, the visual identity incorporated algorithmic chance operations to create generative typography that represented the ever changing tension between automation and authenticity. Creating typography in semi-collaboration with low level artificial intelligence, the designs embrace the unexpected results of working with such programmes. In an attempt to give some level of 'autonomy' back to the machine.

Dr. Sheena Calvert
University of the Arts London

Studio Hyte

Research Areas:
Automation and the Human
Technology and Language
Generative Design Models