On the Go

London Design Festival 2016

On the Go was an exhibition at the 2016 London Design Festival, exploring whether design can intervene to take the social stigma away from our most primordial bodily activity and whether on-the-go toileting is a utopian or dystopian prospect. In order to tie the works together conceptually we exhibited the works within a future factory setting. Framing the exhibited pieces as though they were factory prototypes and archival materials, creating a serial number for each object, as seen on the plaques.

By creating a future scenario in which to contextualise the exhibition, our research for the project looked at the aesthetics of factory interiors and the automation of design tools, allowing us to develop an elaborate utilitarian aesthetic using modular fittings, easily constructible materials, hi-vis signage and industrial chains to hang displays. In fitting with the concept of a future factory, we created a custom typeface utilising Meta Flop (an automated type design tool), in order to visualise notions of labour, utilitarianism and automation.

Dirty Furniture Magazine
London Design Festival

Studio Hyte

Research Areas:
Leisure and Work
Automation & the Human
Generative Design
Models Politics of Design

Featured In:
It’s Nice That
Design Week