The Book in the
Global Village

Self-Directed Research Project

'Electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global village' - Marshall Mcluhan, The Medium is the Massage

Building upon Mcluhan's writing around the medium, The Book in the Global Village is a self directed research project and ongoing exploration of how the Book can be updated and augmented to create a hybrid of fixed, dynamic and generative communication. TBGV speculates on how media which have shaped our past can be melded with technologies which are reshaping us today, reflecting on the relationship between the book and the human.

Using emergent technology, this book opens web based content on personal devices when users touch unrendered sections of the page. With the aim of mass manufacturing in the near future, the book also acts as a platform for like minded individuals to collaborate and generate content based on the provocation of the book.

As a part of the project we are curating and designing the content as well as generating our own writing, and developing our own technology. The aesthetics are based on the history of visual language and the navigational spaces we encounter online on a daily basis. The content is curated and visualised as metaphorical locations in the village, allowing each location to form its own research and critique through static and dynamic or generative content.

Studio Hyte

Research Areas:
The Book and the Human
Technology and Language
Post-Visual Communication

Featured In:
Design Indaba Conference 2017
Books from the Future
Bare Conductive